Why ethanol?

Ethanol may be the world's most misunderstood and under-appreciated form of renewable energy. Its substantial contributions to a nation's people include robust job creation, lower gasoline prices, less dependence on foreign oil, heightened national energy security, more favorable balance of trade, cleaner air and water, and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

If you'd like the facts about this marvelous molecule, go to the Renewable Fuels Association Website. You'll find reliable and up-to-date information about how ethanol is produced and used, U.S. government policy, industry outlook, upcoming events, research reports, and much more.

While you're there, drop by the Advanced Ethanol Council (AEC), where Inbicon is a member. The AEC is the arm of the RFA representing the interests of cellulosic and advanced ethanol technology developers.

The Canadian Renewable Fuels Association is another excellent source of ethanol information, especially as it applies to Canada.

To tap U.S. government sources, the departments of Energy and Agriculture have abundant, detailed information. Tip: a Google search might provide quicker access to the specific government information you're looking for. For example, the DOE's 2011 update of the U.S. Billion Ton Study.

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