Licensing Inbicon Biomass Refinery technology for converting plant fiber into renewable businesses.

In 2003, Inbicon’s process for converting soft biomass advanced from the laboratory to the pilot plant. A second pilot plant, ten times larger, was built in 2005.  A demonstration plant, four times larger, opened at Kalundborg, Denmark in 2009.  

By fusing its patented processes with existing technologies, Inbicon created a new path: the Inbicon Biomass Refinery. It’s a fossil-free way to produce three renewable energies and get a bio-energy payback. Inbicon technology was proven at demonstration scale (100MT/day) at Kalundborg in 2010.

No process is simpler, safer, or more straightforward. The biomass is cooked with steam, mixed with enzymes, fermented with yeast, and distilled. Along the way, the plant fiber is separated into three fractions: 1) cellulose, which becomes C6 sugar and then cellulosic ethanol (The New Ethanol, as we named it); 2) hemi-cellulose, which becomes an industrial sugar for making higher-value green chemistry products such as bioplastics, butanol, and jet fuels; and 3) lignin, the woody part of the plant, a solid biofuel with about the same energy value as coal, yet so clean it can be burned in CHP units without further purifying and minimize risk of boiler damage. 

Leifmark helps you monetize the cellulose, hemi-cellulose, and lignin—turning plant fiber into money, green into gold. Through our initiatives, the leftovers of the harvest—from corn stalks and wheat straw to sugar bagasse—are becoming profitable, sustainable, renewable energy businesses in both the United States and Canada.  

We are also working with Southern states to turn millions of acres of marginal pasture land into profitable farms—growing energy grasses like miscanthus, switchgrass, and arundo donax and turning them into sustainable green businesses.

To accomplish this, we expedite the licensing of Inbicon Biomass Refinery technology and its integration into multiple technology platforms. 

You have many low-carbon options. We’ll work with you to determine which solution will give your business
the highest ROI.

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